Coaching project URBAN INSCRIPTIONS | Claudia Bosse


How can the body become an agent of spatial inscriptions? How can the body be an archive of spatial practice? How does the body perceive space? Why is space political?

We will experiment with different performative and choreographic strategies in order to read the urban space as a text for physical involvements.

Using material of the working process IDEAL PARADISE, which has been taking place in various urban spaces in Vienna, as well as in art and theatre spaces, the choreographer and artist Claudia Bosse will develop performative explorations and choreographic applications for public spaces in Bucharest with the workshop participants.

The coaching project explores the relation between body and space through choreography and performance, which will take place in different urban areas in Bucharest.

Schedule: 9th-11th of October 2016, from 3 to 6 PM.


Comfortable clothes, good shoes, not afraid to lay down on the floor

Passport or ID card

Smartphone, if available with video function.

Voice recorder

Propositions for spot for urban experimentations

Be there the whole time!

Claudia Bosse is an artist, choreographer, artistic director and cofounder of Theatercombinat, an interdisciplinary company based in Vienna. After studying Theatre Directing at Ernst Busch School of Dramatic Arts, she works in the field of (experimental) theatre between installation, (space) choreography, urban intervention and generates “political hybrids” which are always specific settings of space, with special constellations for different kinds of public. Claudia Bosse develops international installations, choreographies and works for museums, architectures, theatres and urban spaces. Claudia Bosse teaches, gives lectures, publishes, initiates or takes part in projects and continuously works together with artists and theoreticians from different genres.