Community of Practice

Workshops / Coaching projects / Conferences

Different format of educational and research activities will be hosted by each partner in its country, and a common team of staff personnel will be in charge with the implementation according to the project activities plan and the proposed objectives.
Several workshops, coaching projects, residencies, conferences and artist talks will take place during the project duration in Romania, Norway and Iceland. The subscription will be possible via international open call for participation, in a transparent way, with equal chances for all applicant artists. A board of artistic representatives of the partner organizations will select the participants based on published criteria.
Each time, the host partner will support two participants from each partner countries, and cover the costs for travel, accommodation, per diem, and the workshops/coaching projects fees. In addition, each participant will receive a festival or venue pass, to facilitate the access to all the events taking place during their time presence in the city (performances, films, concerts, debates, talks, etc.). The workshops, coaching projects and residencies will have final public presentations, and will be video and photo documented. The participant artists who will benefit from the mobility grants will also be invited to present their personal creations – finished and/or work in progress, followed by feedback sessions.

Coaching Project#1 | Dance Film with Simona Deaconescu

Dancing/Talking/Hoping – a workshop with Zoë Poluch and Stina Nyberg
Giselle – the workshop | Halla Ólafsdóttir & Johan Moström

Shifting Geographies in Contemporary Art

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