Promotor of ”Foreign Bodies” project, 4Culture is a non-profit association located in Bucharest which supports the developement and training of young artists thorugh research activities, productions and presentatio ns of emerging creators in the field of performative arts and contemporary dance. The most important projects of the association are eXplore dance festival, which celebrates this year its 10th edition, Life Long Burning – programme of choreographic residencies and presentations,X Platform – programme of residencies dedicated to visual artists.


Stiftelsen Wee-Scavetta/Kipperberg

Wee-Scavetta/Kipperberg Foundation was established in Oslo, in 1999, by the Italian choreographer Francesco Scavetta and the Norwegian dancer Gry Kipperberg, with the purpose of producing and presenting innovative productions in the frame of the performing arts field. Since then, the foundation has produced 16 full-length performances, presented in tour in 33 countries in Europe, Middle and Far East and North, Central and South America. With its original work, and widespread international visibility, gained through the years, Wee has become one of the leading companies of the Norwegian scene. Further, the activities include teaching programs in the form of workshops and, since 2012, Wee started an ongoing collaboration with Vitlycke-Centre for performing arts in Tanumshede, Sweden, where Wee facilitates and curates residencies, showings and workshops.

Reykjavík Dance Festival

rjkReykjavík Dance Festival is Iceland’s only independent and professional dance festival and it has been a very important factor in the development of the independent dance scene in Iceland. RDF is an independent non-profit arts organization – dedicated to supporting, producing, presenting and critically engaging with the work of both local and international choreographers in Reykjavík, Iceland. That goal is reached through multiple festival formats throughout the year, four times each year, in August, November, February and June. The festival presents local and international performances, facilitates workshops, seminars and other festival activities. Its aim has always been to promote and support local choreographers but also to increase its international relevance. The festival has also struck up a permanent partnership with the one and only independent dance workspace, The Reykjavik Dance Atelier, which brings with it a community orientated focus on providing pedagogical initiatives and co-productions that ensure that the influence of Reykjavik Dance Festival is felt through the year, not only for 10 days in August.

One of the most important spaces that hosts the activities of ”Foreign Bodies” project, WASP is an alternative private house for contemporary dance, visual art experiments, underground contemporary theatre makers, and the multimedia addicted opened in 2012 in Bucharest| A 500 sqm former communist factory transformed in a space for production, developement and research in the field of contemporary performing arts | 2 studios: White box și Black Box, art exhibition space and a Media Lab

Project supported by a grant from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Romanian Government, in the frame of the ”Promotion of Diversity in Culture and Arts within European Cultural Heritage” Programme developed with the support of EEA Grants and Romanian Government.

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